Social Media Stats Every Business Should Pay Attention To

At Coast & Vine, it is our goal to bring you the latest news on social media and how it can potentially affect your business. Each week we read a ton of articles, analyze them and gather what we feel are most important for you. In today’s blog posts, I’d like to share with you some statistics that I found about some of the most popular social media platforms.

If you have been on the fence about Social Media as a viable marketing solution, these statistics should help you decide.

6 Social Media Stats That You Need To Know:


  1. In 2016 daily Slack active users grew to 4 million. If you haven’t heard of Slack, it is revolutionizing the way business communications. It is an instant message program full of awesome features!
  2. There are over 150 million daily Snapchat users in 2016 and 41% of US adults 18-34 use Snapchat daily. Want to learn more about Snapchat? Download the app to your device and give it a try!
  3. Two months after it was released, Instagram Stories reports 100 million active users.  18 % of those people are watching Instagram stories daily. Wow! That’s 18 million people a day, watching Instagram stories.
  4. Did you know 300 million people are actively using audio and voice calling features on Facebook Messenger?
  5. In 2017, $41 billion will be spent on social media advertising
  6. Ad revenue for Instagram mobile, drew $1.53 billion across the globe

I hope that this data has you brainstorming about how your business can capitalize on the popularity of social media for advertising. Call me today to discuss how Coast & Vine can help you.






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